Or, ways online dating flings end.
  1. Is it fun? Falling asleep at karaoke
    He told me he was headed my way and I didn't answer and we never spoke again.
  2. You are cute and you are nice. You don't have to be so shy :) I just also don't think we have all that much in common.
    Poor shy kid.
  3. Sorry, I had a good time but I don't think we're really a great fit.
  4. I can't this weekend, sorry
  5. How's your mouth doing?
  6. Yeah, that sounds good to me! I think I'm pretty free all day.
  7. Hopefully we both survive the plague!
    Plague aka the too lazy to date syndrome
  8. I'm wearing a yellow scarf.
  9. Are you there now?
    We won a hat on our only date and then I had to deal with him asking if he could have the hat back weeks later. This was my half-hearted attempt.
  10. But here you are- (858)395-****
  11. Hey, I really appreciate that you nipped it in the bud when you did. I don't know if I said that. Now I can move on and not feel like I'm overanalyzing/overthinking and I'm grateful for that. I'm sorry I made it awkward, it just made me feel a lot better to have answers. But it's really okay, and I hope you made it home safely.
    This one hurt.
  12. Hey, I'm sorry for not responding. I've been kind of overdoing it on the online dating, to the point where I've been seeing my friends less, and I think I sort of need to take a break for my sanity. You seem nice though, I'm sorry!
    Sometimes honesty is the best policy.
  13. Hey I'm sorry I didn't respond right away. You didn't do anything wrong or anything. I'm just not really sure I'm super into it, so I probably made it weird. I'm sorry!
    Apparently I start texts with "Hey" a lot.