1. This charming old couple wearing tourist Ts
  2. This other old couple sitting across from them not wearing tourist Ts
    Tons of judgement
  3. This 14 year old blonde kid with a guitar
    Rambling at a young age
  4. A tiny poodle puppy
    His owner is using him as a table for her iPad but he won't stand still
  5. Little girl with glasses who is now petting the tiny puppy
  6. Skinny girl with highlights eating giant burrito
    Classic SoCal. UPDATE: 30 min later she's sitting next to me on plane, still eating burrito.
  7. So many buff guys wearing thin t-shirts and shorts and baseball caps and holding Starbucks and playing on their phones
    I count like 5 of them
  8. Girl who is either very tired or very hungover
    Hard to tell
  9. Guy who is eating a party-size bag of plain Lays
    If you're going to do that, at least pick a more interesting chip...
  10. Chip guy just did a fancy secret handshake with a man who just walked in holding his dry cleaning