Because I wanted to
  1. He lay in his reclining chair, barely awake enough to feel the dream moving just under his thoughts.
  2. Elise sat in the free medical clinic, studying the support group flyers on the bulletin board.
  3. Margot had not seen Patrick for sixteen years, so it was a mild shock to run into him in Seattle, on the sidewalk outside an esoteric video rental store.
  4. Valerie had been celibate for two years when she met Michael, and sex with Michael was like a solid left hook; she reeled and cartoon stars burst about her head.
  5. Daniel sat in his San Francisco apartment on a big, mushy pillow, with his black rubber drum pad on his lap.
  6. John Morton came down the aisle of the plane, banging his luggage into people's knees and sweating angrily under his suit.
  7. In Jill's neighborhood there was a giant billboard for a perfume called Obsession.
  8. Lesly was desperately writing a trite, boring screenplay that he could barely bring himself to face, even with a bottle of Scotch at his side and the TV companionably talking in the background.
  9. Today the clerk in the fancy deli next door asked me how I was, and I said "I have deep longings that will never be satisfied."
  10. When I woke it was afternoon.
  11. For the next several days, the memory of my encounter with Frederick lingered like a bruise that is not painful until, walking through the kitchen in the dark one night to get a drink of water, you bang it on a piece of furniture.
  12. An acquaintance of mine, a philosophy professor at a neighboring university, had finally succeeded in selling one of the many screenplays he had bitterly toiled over and was giving a big party to celebrate.