All 3 of the little Monsters have been put down for naps this afternoon, leaving me with a little down time for laundry and Netflix
  1. A (1.83)
    He's not even 2. I feel like there is zero reason for me to explain this one. Although, he'll probably be the one who naps the least because it's Friday the 13th, a full moon and Mercury is in Retrograde or something like that. Basically my week has been crap and it's mostly bc this kid doesn't sleep anymore.
  2. N (4.5)
    Because she was up til 11 for God knows what reason and has been a little brat today. She also decided to throw a fit in the car circle and it's frowned upon to throw children out of cars, even if they scream in enclosed spaces
  3. E (just shy of 6)
    Because she brought home a bad behavior report from kindergarten today and when I asked her about it, she burst into tears.