idk this looked fun so I'll give it a go. closing my eyes and scrolling
  1. photo 1) I won a lot of tickets on my birthday and bought a turntable and a disco ball. thnx @anthony for my extra tickets and help on getting that turntable
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  2. photo 2) big bear weekend, we wanted to hike when no one else did so, here we are.
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  3. photo 3) drove up the coast of the PCH for a weekend getaway in Bug Sur, and ended up in San Francisco for the night and not sleeping for 36 hours. one of the best trips of my life.
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  4. photo 4) I went to an ultra hipster coffee shop reco'd by @bjnovak on the app and then I cliche fell in love in nashville in a coffee shop.
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  5. photo 5) my kitchen. after alcohol. idk. photo credit because he asked for it: @anthony
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