it's just the little things
  1. cutting your nails too short
  2. jeans over sunburn
  3. not knowing if it's a caffeine headache or dehydration headache so you just drink a lot of liquid in hopes the throbbing stops
  4. shutting your finger in a door, and being in so much pain and you physically can't scream in pain
  5. blister in new shoes. no bandaid. have to wear the shoes all day
  6. burning the roof of your mouth with hot food
  7. retainers after not wearing them for a week, month, etc
  8. taking a nap in an uncomfortable position and not being able to move your neck after
  9. curling your hair. touching the iron. not realizing it until five seconds later. burn blister.
  10. ripping out your hair stuck in a hair tie
  11. itching with a sunburn
  12. itching with a new tattoo
  13. paper cut. in between fingers.
  14. blister. bottom of foot.