the broad is a museum in downtown LA and these are the things I loved the most obviously because I took photos of them. side note: I'm not an art history major or art snob or really even know who did each piece because I just like looking at nice things. so, judge away!
  1. anything that makes Los Angeles seem a little less "Los Angeles" is okay in my book
  2. this America sign rocks my world because I like neon signs
  3. it reminded me of love lust faith + dreams. which I dig a lot
  4. mom? (this fake lady was very tall) ((also I know I look like a grown up version of the Chloe meme I get it))
  5. lots of words so many words. lots of words I really loved
  6. every damn day
  7. we all have those days
  8. I want this in my house. because somehow it just seems like a right fit for me in what I'm doing now
  9. I mean this one is obvious. #dog