from my adventures... that I couldn't post 7 of the same scenery. keep that feed solid kids
  1. 1. I woke up in San Francisco to this and I didn't want to leave.
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  2. 2. dreary af. and I loved it. somewhere off the coast, maybe around Santa Barbara or Ventura?
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  3. 3. Las Vegas skyline, just not as cool as other skylines.
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  4. 4. being risky and taking my phone on the roller coaster. cool shot, just didn't flow. u understand
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  5. 5. Santa Monica. self explanatory.
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  6. 6. road trips back to Arizona, we've all seen the drought irl, so it didn't need to be gram'd.
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  7. 7. this was the closest to making it. so close yet so far. got bored once I landed
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  8. 8. truthfully don't know why I didn't put this up... I actually really liked it. storms don't come around often, so.
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