God damn
  1. Pride- nsync: I was just a backstreet boys girls, hands down.
  2. Envy- 1D: Anyone's girlfriends in One Direction. Jessica Beil : Justin Timberlake. Anyone who's ever been with Jesse McCartney. The girl who did the reddit AMA and said she slept with Nick Carter in his prime.
  3. Gluttony- Backstreet Boys- was buying the tickets, shirt, and second physical copy of the album necessary? No, but fuck yeah it was.
  4. Lust- 1D- #HarryStyles if you disagree you're wrong and fuck you.
  5. Anger- Dream Street: why wasn't Jesse McCartney my boyfriend? Maybe because I was 9. It's not an issue.
  6. Greed- 5SOS: if you make YouTube videos, and are semi-attractive you'll be waiting in line to sleep with them, don't worry, you'll get a text for a few days after. So don't get greedy for anything more.
  7. Sloth- you don't eat; you don't sleep; all you do is tumblr about Zayn leaving one direction. You accept your new fate and realize ten years later you're a psycho for crying over a manufactured pop star.