Feel free to add on
  1. Cartoon pizza looks better than real life pizza
  2. Character Mac N Cheese tastes better than normal Mac and cheese
  3. Craft Mac n cheese taste better than any Mac n cheese I've had at any restaurant
  4. In theory, Lemonade (the restaurant) always sounds better than it tastes
    Especially for a close to 30 dollar lunch
  5. I am absolutely aware that Starbucks chai tea latte is basically glorified sugar milk, but idgaf
  6. Why is avocado toast so expensive at restaurants? I make it way better at home anyways
    I still order it anyways :/
  7. I wish I didn't think cilantro tasted like soap, because I really like Mexican food but it ruins it :/
  8. It would absolutely fucking suck to be vegan, gf, etc
    But I get it
  9. Chinese takeout in movies always looks good, But when you get it in real life it never looks as cool.
    Or tastes as good.