I'm 53 and want to be a stay at home doggy mom
  1. I'm tired
  2. I've had a job since I was 15. Enough already !
  3. I could go exercise whenever I wanted
  4. I would keep my closet cleaner
  5. I could wear yoga pants everyday, everywhere
  6. My husband might get more blowjobs and this would make him so happy
    I'm just too tired for that mess
  7. I would learn to cook better and healthier
    We eat out almost every night
  8. Because I love to be off when everyone else is working. It makes me feel naughty! Like skipping school
  9. I would get a new puppy
    Because it's not fair to have a new puppy and not be with him all day to train him and love him
  10. Morning sex is great but not if you have to get up and go do the work thing
  11. I could buy groceries during the week and not have the weekend madness
  12. I could lay by my pool all day everyday
  13. I wouldn't be making my hubby sell our boat because we would have time to take it out more
  14. I would take golf lessons and get really good
  15. I would be a "ladies who lunch"
  16. I would babysit my grandson and take him to the park, and to the museum, and teach him stuff that he needs to know.
  17. I would make more lists (lol)
  18. Travel, travel, travel. I want to go to the places and do the things...