New on HCG and hoping for some drastic changes
  1. Wearing cute clothes again
  2. Not having to shop in plus size or "women's" section
  3. Feeling comfortable in my own skin
  4. Being able to bend down and buckle my sandals without my stomach getting in the way
  5. Great sex with my hubby
  6. Not feeling self conscious in my swim suit
  7. My knees and feet not to hurt
  8. Exercise
  9. Feeling hot again (not sweaty hit, SEXY hot)
  10. Feeling healthy again
  11. Walking up stairs and not dying!
  12. New boobs (.) (.) since mine will be the first to go. My hubby says to get some now but then I'll just be the day girl with big boobs
  13. Borrowing clothes from friends
  14. Getting rid of my fat clothes