While there are so many things I love about summer, here are the top 5:
  1. Slow mornings
    No shotgun starts for the McCormick boys. They usually wake up between 8am and 9am on their own. Come September, those kids are getting the shoulder shake at 6am for the high schooler and 7am for the younger two.
  2. Wiffle ball games in the front yard until it's too dark to see the ball
    Packs of boys will show up out of the blue. Arrange the "bases" which usually includes my flower pots, assigns teams and the game begins. Passionate discussions about the rules will regularly occur. I love every minute of it from the front stoop.
  3. Ripe tomatoes, Silver Queen corn, green beans and crab cakes
    My birthday is mid August - when all of these things are in peak season. This is the menu of a perfect birthday dinner.
  4. Lightning bugs in summer gardens
    Nothing prettier than seeing lightning bugs flash by the gardens you've worked on since April.
  5. The Chesapeake Bay
    It's a glorious thing any time of the year but going out on the Bay on a summer day is something special. You head out with good friends and with high hopes that the weather will hold, the jellies stay away and there will be an open slip at Mike's Crab House.