Thanks for the recommendation!
  1. I don't know how many "real life" advantages I have being 5"1', but there's some "cool shit I can do cause I'm little"
  2. I can stand up straight on the Disneyland Tram
  3. I can also stand up straight in front of my seat on most airlines
    With exception to those little Fischer Price planes my company has been putting me on on my flights to Texas lately.
  4. Every bed is a queen sized bed to me. And my queen feels like a playground
  5. I used to be able to fit completely inside kitchen cupboards. It was discovered one drunken night after a long day of snow boarding. I don't think in my exhausted and altered mind I weighed out what could've happened if I got stuck inside. But I didn't so, go me!
  6. I just spent the last 30 minutes aggressively searching through you-tube to find the video of that night. But one can only take so much while scrolling through clips of R-Kelly's trapped in a cupboard parody.
  7. I did find an Instagram photo of me doing it again a few years later
    This is the last time I've done it. Oh to be 23 again.
  8. Being short generally comes with small feet. So buying shoes is easy (most days) cause my size is always available and often times I can buy kids shoes, and kids Nikes are an easy $30 cheaper 💁🏼
  9. I can wear heels and 9/10 times still be shorter than anyone. This seems to be on every guys checklist
  10. I can fit in a commercial ice maker
    Found this out the hard way, ex boyfriend the bartender jokingly stuffed me in the bars ice bin and locked me in.
  11. I'm squirrelly. I'm great at getting out of grappling. ( or boys let me, probably)
  12. Having sex is fun. I'm sure it's fun for everyone, but being thrown around has to be a lot easier when you're little 🙃
  13. I'm a really good spoon.
    Truthfully, I'd rather be the big spoon tho.
  14. I'm seem kind cause I always pick up things people drop for them.
    In reality I'm just closer to the ground and I got there faster.
  15. I don't get hit in the face with tree branches
  16. I can dive into the shallow end
  17. I always get to stand in front
  18. Or I get to sit on your shoulders
  19. I get to swing my feet like a child when I sit in chairs
  20. There's always room for me in an elevator
  21. But really though, most of these are just things I tell myself to cope with being short.
    But I love my height nonetheless.