Albums that had a huge impact in my life

In no particular order
  1. Brother Ali - Us
    Baby Girl helped me find strength and a voice. "Gotta deal with the demons before they deal with you" Not enough (male) artists address issues of rape and sexual abuse.
  2. Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
    I was 8 when this album came out and I knew the day my mom bought and played it that Alanis would be my spirit animal.
  3. Comeback Kid - Wake the Dead
    I bonded so hard with a friend over this album. My PIC, never missing a California show.
  4. Gang Starr - Moment of Truth
    God damn if Guru wasn't one of the sharpest lyricists of his time 🙏🏻 this album stemmed my love for good hip hop.
  5. Sigur Ros
    If you're looking to find yourself in an alternate universe with out the use of LSD or Shrooms, his music could do it for you.