Current obsessions

No particular order
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    Brooks Heritage shoes
    Seattle based company that makes ADORABLE and insanely comfortable athletic shoes.
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    Here's a few of my favorite color ways
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    NYX cosmetics
    Been a loyal fan since 2002 probably cause it's what I could afford as a child. And the product development has come a LONG way 👌🏻
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    These beautiful matte cream lipsticks
    Last most of the day, opaque so the color is true to tube.
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    If you're looking for a MATTE liner, give this one a try. It's my current go to
    If you're a liner brush and potted pigment type person, MAC's black track paint pot is always good.
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    LORAC liquid lustre
    But good luck finding these right now. They're basically a unicorn all of a sudden. (Unless it's Christmas time on QVC or your sister works for LORAC like mine does)
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    But only the mini ones. Every things tastes better when it's little.
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    Boston Cream Donut K-cups
    Please don't sic the plastic police on me.
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    Iced Vanilla Ceylon Tea Latte from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
    Tea > Coffee most days
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    Madam Secretary
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    Téa Leoni is 👌🏻
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    My *always* obsession. Lola.
    100% believe she's my soul mate. My little bird 🐥😍💛🐣