1. Bacon
    I thought about leading up to this one since it seems to be the most controversial, but I'll just take my lashings now. Thank you Sir, may I have another. Is it a coincidence that I also don't like Kevin Bacon?! I think not
  2. Tomato
    Their slimy seeds, and metallic taste gross me out
  3. Onions*
    The textural crunch is weird to me. 10/10 I spit them out. *cooked ( and I mean massacred) I can handle. I like the flavor I just don't wanna feel it in my mouth
  4. Avocado
    Yes I know, a Californian who doesn't like avocado SHAME ON ME ( I also grew up with a beautiful Avo tree in my back yard)
  5. Yams/sweet potatoes
    Hard pass
  6. Seafood (with exception to shrimp)
    And it takes a lot of mental self reassuring to eat shrimp for some reason
  7. Miracle Whip
    What is that shit 😷 there's a definite age gap when it comes to miracle whip
  8. Baja Blast
    Do. Not. Like
  9. Rhubarb
    Fruity celery? Nope.
  10. Water Chestnuts
    Why is that always in Chinese food. Sneaky little bastard. Again, it's a texture thing