I got up at 7am Tuesday morning, it is now 9:33am Wednesday and I'm esleepy
  1. Basically had a day off Tuesday, considering I didn't have to work until 7:00pm for our inventory scan
  2. Usually these things only take 5 hours
  3. NOPE! Chuck Testa!
    Has anyone seen/heard this? Please say yes.
  4. I got out of work at 6:30AM!
    What. The. Fuck.
  5. Here's my snap story, kinda.
    They're all videos, but you guys get the screen shots
  6. Static
  7. Who hires these people that work for inventory companies?
    Some are legit on drugs
  8. Static
  9. Static
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Static
    20 miles till empty 😩
  15. Static
  16. Static
  17. Static
  18. Static
  19. Just doing some laundry
  20. What is sleep?
    I did not sleep a wink. No use wasting a pair of contacts on a 20 minute nap.
  21. I mean. Otter pops at 8:45 is acceptable right?
  22. Static
  23. Why. Why is my freeway exit closed?!
    I have no idea how to get to work otherwise!
  24. Static
  25. Ya girl is surprisingly wide awake right now. We will see how that plays out with customers today.
  26. So help me, first thief of the day is getting cut.
    Try me 💁🏼