I had THE BEST customer today
  1. He was legit the highlight of my day
  2. Came in to buy a belt, which I suggested he pick up some smaller pants
    These things were easily 2 sizes too big on his waist.
  3. And he says "I'm just happy to be wearing real clothes again"
  4. "Do you not normally wear clothes?
  5. "Well, I just got out of prison"
  6. "Oh, yep, that would explain that. Welcome home!"
  7. So we start talking as I'm helping him pick out a belt and for some reason I'm just so drawn to him. And he's probably just so jazzed to be talking to anyone but prisoners and guards.
  8. I ask him if he's from the Valley and he says "born and raised, even have it tattooed on my stomach"
  9. I said "oh, really?" And of course he shows me, "yep, that's definitely on your stomach.."
    And yes. It looks like what you'd imagine a SFV prison tattoo to look like..
  10. And then he tells me that ALL of his tattoos are from prison. MIND FUCKING BLOWN, truly.
  11. He's covered, both arms, chest and back, his tattoos are BEAUTIFUL. Portraits, flowers, buildings. Fucking art, seamlessly sleeved together. It was incredible and so well executed.
    No pun intended
  12. So me, being the expert on prison tattoos, (I watched a documentary where an inmate described how he made ink by burning the rubber sole of his shoes and mixing it with urine to make ink) wanted to know more.
  13. He told me how they made tattoo guns!
  14. They take the motor out of their CD player
  15. Then hook it up to the amp they're allowed to have for the CD player
    Which has different levels to change up the needle speed blah blah
  16. And use a sharpened guitar string as a needle.
    Where do they get these things?
  17. How they put it together, I don't know. I'm more amazed at how someone thought of that shit in the first place.
  18. But I loved this man. I wanted him to stay and talk to me all day. I had so many questions I wanted to ask him.
  19. But in the Brief 10 minutes I talked to him I found out:
  20. He's born and raised in SFV
  21. He went to prison when he was 26
  22. He turns 30 this year
  23. Didn't have a single tattoo before going to prison, now he's mostly covered his upper body
  24. He was supposed to get out 9 months ago but when he went to his parole hearing they told him he needed to spend 1 year in county.
  25. He was released early
  26. (Not for good behavior, I asked) "no, not good behavior, my behavior is what it is, you gotta survive" 😳
    That's really fucking sad to me.
  27. He got out early due to over crowding.
    Our systems are fucked BTW
  28. He was so polite (but not yes ma'am-ing me) just genuinely polite.
  29. And I'm pretty sure, if he didn't tell me he just got out of prison last night, I'd totally go on a date with him.
    And truthfully, I'd probably go anyway. He was really captivating.
  30. I wonder what he was in for?
  31. That's the only thing I wouldn't ask him today.
  32. Maybe I'll ask him next time he comes by
  33. Maybe I don't want to know.
  34. Maybe he's already locked up again.
  35. Whatever.