Mail day ft. Bluetile Skateshop aka @bluetileSC

  1. I love personal touches. This made me smile!
  2. And then I misread this.. 😏😂
  3. Excited for my Bluetile Skateshop/Barbara Streisand/ Biggie Smalls or whoever cap!
    Although I'll probably never wear it. I'll add it to my "hats I love but never wear; collection"
  4. Really like this branding
  5. I just picked up a new deck, so this was needed.
  6. How did you know I collect stickers?
  7. This is what I'm most excited about. I'll probably wear it to work tomorrow.
    You're not loose, you're wide open!
  8. Thanks for making cool stuff David! 💙⬜️ @bluetileSC