Stranded with a dead battery since 8:00pm, will keep updating. 🙃
  1. So I left work at 8:00pm
  2. Get in my car to go home
  3. Turn the key
    Da Fuq?
  5. Try it again.. Click click..
  6. "Piece of shit"
  7. Call my dad, "can you come help me? Battery died"
  8. "I'm at a poker tournament, I can't leave yet"
    Fuuuuuuuuu. He will be there forever
  9. So I check with my employees to see if anyone has cables. Nope!
  10. But Bree, my little angel, calls her parents and they come to jump my car!
  11. 9:15 They get here
  12. But it didn't jump.
    Again "piece of shit"
  13. So here I am, 28 years old, waiting for my dad to come help me.
  14. And realistically he won't be here til midnight.
    Or later
  15. I should just uber home, but I live 45 mins away 🤑
    Haven't ruled it out yet tho.
  16. So I sit in this sketch ass parking lot having to pee
  17. if you don't hear from me again... You'll know it's because I was left for dead in the parking lot. ⚰
  18. If you buy a battery at Walmart, you can return it/exchange it for free as long as you do it before the sticker date on the battery(3yrs).
    That won't help you now, but you are going to need a new battery. It's bad enough when your car dies, but coming out of pocket just makes it worse. Might as well let Walmart take care of that for you. (Disclaimer: I don't work at Walmart, I just know how to cheat the system).
    Suggested by @HisDudeness
  19. Good to know @HisDudeness ! I'm the absolute worst at keeping up with my car. Oil changes etc. apparently I just can't be bothered, until I'm bothered. Lol
  20. UPDATE: it's 11:19pm I'm still in car
  21. Parking structure lights are still on, for now.
  22. My Dad should be here to get me by 12:30
  23. I should have called that uber.
  24. Made myself comfortable
  25. Joking but not joking. 4 door white sedan Go Army sticker on the back left bumper
  26. My man!
  27. I'm home, and I peed. 🙌🏻
    Special thanks to @migmags for checking on me all night. You the real MVP girl!