Whichever way you interpret that, you're probably correct.
  1. My venti cold brew that I drank for a total of 8 hours.
    I'll probably get sick from the warm milk. Worth it.
  2. A pen
    A Purple BIC Velocity BOLD to be exact
  3. A clothing hanger, or two
    This one seems to be my most commonly mouthed item. Oh retail. So many germs.
  4. A razor blade
    I thought I nicked my thumb while building a skate board, so obviously I thought, " let me put this sharp blade between my teeth and check.."
  5. This delicious burrito from Poquito Mas 🙏🏻
  6. My bank card
    Spent so. much. money today 😭
  7. My keys
  8. My cat's ear
    It was just there
  9. My phone
    Mouths are basically a third hand
  10. My fingers
  11. A few years ago at work someone called me out on always putting things in my mouth, that's when I mistakenly coined the phrase "if you put it in front of my face, it's going in my mouth"
    I learned a lot about my co-workers that day and vice versa