1. You have fuck cat shirt? With hand gesture 🖕🏻
    Referring to little Nermal here
  2. Put it in deeper
    Referring to my chip card. And he 100% meant it how it sounds
  3. "Because he's a girl"
    In response to asking a customer why he likes to buy his shoes a size too small, his friend responded with above quote. What does that even mean?!
  4. I haven't seen this much shit since prison
    When I let someone into our highly graffitied fitting rooms
  5. You ain't gonna stay?
    Same dude, as he followed me into the fitting room while hanging his product. Nah player. ✌🏻️
  6. What's-it-called
    This young kid replaced the usual "uhm" after every word with what's-it-called. "Can I get that, whats-it-called, the uhhh what's-it-called, grip tape. Quite possibly my most frustrating 15 minutes of my day picking out this kids skateboard.