For those who don't know ( I'm going to assume that's 99.9% of the people on, with exception to @bobbyhundreds, who is no longer on list anyway. And @jamesyxpoo ..) Sound and Fury is a 2 day hardcore music festival taking place in LA this year.
  1. Anxiety
    Mostly about parking, and waiting in line to pick up my wristband. And maybe because I'm going alone.
  2. Nostalgia
    I've been to every SaF Fest since 2006, but they stopped in 2013 and this is the first one since. And this venue is very similar to the 1st SaF at the Alpine in Ventura,Ca RIP. Loft space and everything 😍
  3. Fun fact : when Skatestreet Ventura ( for those who know @tonyhawk 's THPS2) moved locations from Knoll Dr to Goodyear in 2003 it became the Alpine and included a music venue (arguably the best music venue in Ventura esp. For touring bands cause it included a laundry room and showers) , skate park, rock climbing, and hair salon.
    I basically lived there.
  4. I can't wait to see some of these bands!
    Some I've never seen, some I haven't seen since 2013!
  5. Static
  6. Static
  7. I really excited to see Guns Up! and American Nightmare again, and I REALLY wish there was more older Boston HC on this line up.
    Have Heart, Righteous Jams, bane, DBD to name a few. Cold World would have been cool too. And Verse. Or really any Bridge9 band circa those same years.
  8. I could probably make a list of "my perfect SaF if these bands didn't break up and Sean let me curate the line up" haha
  9. It's okay, I know you've never heard of any of them.
  10. And I'm excited to see a ton of my friends bands play.
    And congratulate Tay on his recent marriage!
  11. But today, I posted on FB to see who else I might run into at SaF and someone said "you still go to shows?!"
  12. Am I getting too old for this?
  13. I rarely go to shows. And it's only when I realllllly wanna see a certain band play.
  14. But it's not like I'm gonna mosh. Which I never did, ya girl wasn't trying to get killed.
  15. And I'm not going to be kicked in the face again (thanks Logan for that cartwheel at the cobalt..)
  16. Or have 15 people domino effect fall onto me and crack 3 of my ribs and puncture my lung again. Thanks for the wall of death ETID.
  17. I mean, all these bands are people my age (or older!) and yes, I will forever go to SaF no matter how old I get because it is inside me.
  18. I have this connection to hardcore, the family-hood of it, the support, the angst, the fuck you for not treating people equally feels.
  19. Shows like this just remind me of a time in my life that was hands down the best 8 years of fun, friendships and feeling like a part of something bigger than myself.
  20. And I'm excited I don't have to buy youth mediums in band merch anymore! 😂
  21. Besides. I still wear black and white authentic vans everyday and cuffed denim. Apparently I never left the "hardcore scene" lol.
  22. Cross your fingers I don't catch an elbow to the eye this weekend. Being short in a room full of grown ass men flailing around is dangerous.