Inspired by basically everyone who's already done this kind of list.
  1. Hey, I'm Kellie 🙋
  2. I am 23 years old..
  3. And I'm finally approaching my last semester of college! Woohoo 🎉
  4. I'm earning a degree in Archaeology and History
    No, not like Indiana Jones. And no, I'm not going to dig up dinosaurs.
  5. Static
  6. After graduation I have a vague plan that involves traveling and getting paid.
    Top choice right now is either a cruise line or working a yacht as a third stew.
  7. That may or may not be inspired by Bravo's Below Deck..
    No shame.
  8. This is my first summer in FOUR years that I'll be home and not away working as a camp counselor.
    I almost don't know what to do with myself. ALMOST.
  9. I'm honestly so excited to be home.
    I get to travel a bit, go out with my friends, and sleep in. A slower paced summer sounds amazing to me.
  10. Ummm if I think of anything else you might want to know/I think you want to know... I'll make a list about it