Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

  1. Overpriced Seafood Platter
    Somehow this was supposed to satisfy three starving, young 20 something year olds. Do better, Place I Shall Not Publicly Shame.
  2. UMass Boston in Early Evening Light
    How beautiful the new building my tuition money went towards looks in the glow of sundown. Ah, and all those boats I won't be able to afford thanks to student loans.
  3. Paw Print Patience
    Through trial and error, we were able to get my dog Frankie's paw print successfully on paper in black paint. . But not before the kitchen floor got a slight facelift. Paw prints are so in this season!
  4. Frankie's Face
    Frankie is relaxing and clearly looking at the iPhone like, what do you want from me NOW, human?