I live tweet all my favorite reality shows too btw: @kayb_newman is my Twitter handle if you want to read random musings of mine during the day. Disclaimer: list not in exact chronological order of episode.
  1. Damn, Jojo looks hot in that firefighter outfit.
  2. I think I should be a firefighter for Halloween.
    Everyone is going to be Rey from Star Wars anyways.
  3. Oh, Wells is kind of cute.
    By kind of, I actually mean super.
  4. Of course Grant will win this, he's a firefighter!
    But how funny would it be if he didn't? Like imagine how much shit his buddies would give him back at the firehouse if he lost.
  5. Why the fuck are they singing Jojo's name?
    They're all way too into it. Is this actually a cover up for a cult?
  6. Chad is the new Olivia.
  7. Oh, more singing.
  8. This date is kind of cool
    Sky or sea, north or south? I hope someone is creative like this with me someday.
  9. Omg, Chad.
    Side note: I don't like Chad.
  10. SB Nation is a cool group date.
    Of course Jordan Rodgers is part of this one. First the Grant the Firefighter is at the firefighting obstacle, now Aaron's brother is at the SB one.. I'm onto you, producers! 👀
  11. CHAD. 🙄
    His fake proposal was the worst.
  12. Oh, Derek is cute too.
  13. Does Chad ever not eat?
  14. More singing. Why?
    I'm having camp flashbacks while watching this episode.
  15. The guy who's job is "hipster" reminds me of a grownup version of Beans the more I see him (which is mostly in the background).
  16. Did Chad think to greet Jojo on his own or did the producers "suggest" it to him?
    Either way, I love to hate him as this season's villain.
  17. I wish I looked as a good as Jojo did in that red sparkly dress. 🔥🔥🔥
  18. Does Chad ever not eat: Part II
  19. Chad kissing Jojo makes me uncomfortable.
  21. "I'm going to keep being myself" - Chad, but really he should add in that he's going to keep eating the free food, too.
  23. I should make a drinking game out of Chad eating. .
  24. If Chad gets a rose it's only because the producers told Jojo to keep him for the drama and ratings.
    You can't send the villain home episode two.
  25. CALLED IT. 🌹
  26. Two episodes next week?!
    Dammit, looks like I'll have to flip back and forth between The Bachelorette and Below Deck..