Famous fictional moms who should (or should not) adopt me

In honor of Mother's Day
  1. Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights- SHOULD
    Despite giving birth to Satan herself (I hate you Julie Taylor), Tami always keeps a good attitude. She respects her husband's wants and needs but isn't afraid to put her foot down and demand equal respect. She can run a school and a household and not miss a beat. Additionally my adopted dad would be Kyle Chandler which would be confusing sexually but I'm sure we could work through it
  2. Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby- SHOULD NOT
    Bet you forgot she had a daughter, didn't you? So did she. Any life lesson that child would glean from her mother would be to sprint away from every single problem you could ever have. 0/10 to all of Daisy's life choices
  3. Elizabeth James from The Parent Trap- SHOULD
    I actually resented my own mother for not being a famous English designer who could bring me on shoots and ask my fashionable opinion. Also I wanted a butler. Again it would be confusing having Dennis Quaid as a father figure but these things happen
  4. Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy- SHOULD NOT
    If I was Zola or Bailey I would attempt to escape every single day. Every day would be agony knowing my mother cares more about her career than she ever could about me. Also I wouldn't even be sure if my mother exists. My first words were probably a cry for help to the staff of the hospital daycare, AKA my true family.
  5. Becky from Full House- SHOULD
    Kick ass professional woman who adjusted to city life while staying true to her small-town, Nebraska self AND raised not only two kids of her own, but became a mother figure to three young girls who needed guidance. Also locked down John Stamos. She is goals and I want to emulate her forever
  6. Timmy's Mom from The Fairly Oddparents- SHOULD NOT
    Knows little to nothing about the whereabouts of her son at all times, disregards the wishes and feelings of her son in terms of his caregiving situation, refuses to come into the 21st Century with her wardrobe and domestic gender roles. Also, she says "everything I touch dies," which is not comforting
  7. Fran Fine from The Nanny- SHOULD
    Last but not least, my favorite TV lady. Although I already have a born-and-raised Queens mom, Fran adds the fun to life. She brings flair to the Sheffield kids and teaches them to never change who they are for anyone or anything.