Because I'm into this kind of thing apparently
  1. Dean the Basset Hound (@deanthebasset)
    Dean is the floppiest canine in Canada. He's got extra skin that puddles around his joints and edges, and his parents aren't above putting him in outfits. I love him.
  2. Momo (@andrewknapp)
    Momo is a border collie-looking dude who will happily pose in, on, or with amusing inanimate objects. 💯
  3. Lord Sandwich, the Doodle (@sandwichthedoodle)
    Sandwich belongs to some friends of ours. He's gangly, poodly, and extremely assertive. I like this account because I think Ali really captures the inner voice of a dog. Also, #goldendoodle is a major insta thing, with thousands of people who post as their dogs.
  4. Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog)
    Because other than my dog wolves are the best. So smart they'll have a conversation with you. And Loki is gorgeous.
  5. Harlow and Sage (@harlowandsage)
    As well as their namesake pups, they highlight shelter dogs who need homes. ❤️ (suggested by @charlie)
  6. Whiskey_goldendoodle
    Suggested by @Lilysaltz
  7. Crusoe_daschund
    Per @aringrose, he's pretty great