In order of how often I use them
  1. Your ego's writing checks your body can't cash
  2. Tower, this is Ghostrider requesting a fly by. Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full.
  3. Hey goose, ya big stud! Take me to bed or lose me forever. - Show me the way home, honey!
  4. This is what I call a target rich environment.
  5. Sorry, Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower.
  6. Come on, Mav! Do some of that pilot shit!
  7. Remaining MiGs are bugging out and going home.
  8. Yeeeeha! Great balls of fire!
  9. Talk to me Goose (TTMG)
    Suggested by @sloan
  10. I want some butts!!
    Suggested by @hollis
  11. 🎶Beeeenunewww nenenenenenene nenenenenenene nueneben nu. 🎶
    Suggested by @donnie
  12. Don't tease me.
    Suggested by @lucas
  13. What's your problem Kazansky?
    Suggested by @lucas
  14. Penny Benjamin?
    Suggested by @lucas
  15. No, actually I had this counter in mind.
    Suggested by @lucas
  16. Because I was... *rotate hand* inverted.
    Suggested by @lucas
  17. YOU'RE UNSAFE (said showing as much teeth as possible
    Suggested by @white_lightning