Or freeze in single virtuous servings!
  1. Chili
    You can make super easy chili if you use canned beans. Perhaps I am unsophisticated but I don't notice the difference between canned/from scratch.
  2. Minestrone
    Start with a mirepoix (carrots, onion, celery) and add other veggies you like with broth. Add pasta, beans. Garnish with parm and basil.
  3. Lasagna
    Mmmmmmmmmm you can hide lots of veggies in zagna if you want to make it a more balanced meal.
  4. Enchiladas
    I love yamchiladas! Fill with sweet potatoes & black beans.
  5. Strata
    Great way to use up stale bread. Super delish and reheats well.
  6. Gazpacho
  7. Lentil or split pea soup
    You can try an Indian spin with curry (more like dal) or just add veggies.
  8. Can you tell I am a vegetarian
  9. I bet you can