Times you felt really grown up
  1. Sleeping in my own room
    So much pride
  2. Tying my shoes
    When you didn't have to wear those Velcro strap sneakers anymore
  3. First slow dance with member of opposite gender
    The tentative outreach, the fervent hopes your crush would ask you, the dissection with your BFFs after
  4. First training bra
    Boys, you have no idea of the horrors of shopping in the Macy's junior section with your moms
  5. Getting your period
    It was only embarrassing if you were among the first in your class to get it
  6. First kiss
    The worst
  7. Getting your learners permit
  8. First boyfriend/girlfriend
    All the nervous fumbling, the broken hearts, the angsty mixtapes
  9. Getting your drivers license
    It's fun to do bad stuff
  10. First time you got drunk
    Perhaps with liquor you stole from your parents' cabinet? An older brother or sister hooked you up? And then you told all your friends for months thereafter about ohmigod I was soooo drunk and I was sooooo hungover
  11. High school graduation
    You feel so fucking grown up but it's only just begun
  12. First time staying up until midnight on New Year's Eve
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  13. First orgasm
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  14. First job/first real paycheck
    The feeling of "I can do whatever I want with this money and I don't have to ask" was pretty cool (even though my first paycheck was only $127 so options were relatively limited)
    Suggested by @miranda