It's an awesome West African language, full of cool sayings and compound words. Spoken in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and the area.
  1. Allah ka su here caya
    A blessing: "May God increase your night-peace." Basically means, "sleep well!" And is said only at bed time. Response: Amina!
  2. I te I bobara nafa don fo ni sumani b'a la
    Literally, "you don't know the importance of your ass until there's a boil on it." Don't take anything for granted.
  3. Negeso
    Nege = metal So = horse Negeso = bicycle
  4. Bara
    Bara means "holder of", basically. So: Bo = poop Bobara = your butt, literally your poop holder
  5. Ka sen naani ke
    Expression for "to have sex". Literally means "to make four feet".
  6. I nyenafin be n na
    Means "I miss you". But literally, my eyes are dark without you. In contrast, nyenaje (or eyes are white) means to celebrate. Lovely.
  7. sa bili bili ba
    "snake really really big"
    Suggested by @lucas