What do YOU like to do on Sunday?
  1. Drinking tea
    Nothing says "life of leisure" to me like drinking tea and reading.
  2. Making gigantic dinners that feed us for days
    Enchiladas, lasagna, soups, chili, tomato sauce, quinoa salads
  3. Napping
    Often I need a nap when reading the entire NYT. Naps feel so luxurious when you don't have anywhere to be.
  4. Watching NFL football
    This just feels like fall, cozy weather and it's delicious
  5. Reclining by a body of water in summer
  6. Reading the entire NYT
  7. Working out
    While this may seem counterintuitive, I find that working out in the morning really helps me feel like I've earned the laziness for the rest of the day.
  8. Laundry/closet organizing
    This, to me, is a satiating activity that makes me feel prepared for the week to come
  9. Gardening
    But only the easy stuff like harvesting/maybe some light weeding
  10. Dog-petting
    Cats work too.
  11. Sex & slow, lazy baths
    Not necessarily in that order, but sometimes in that order.
    Suggested by @hillarykerr
  12. buy expensive power tools then put them to use on your Jesus shit carpentry flow
    Suggested by @lucas