Listen up. We are talking about pink wine.
  1. Rosé, properly made, is delightful.
  2. Drinking rosé will not make you look like you don't know about wine.
    On the contrary, ordering a nice rosé in the afternoon or before dinner is beautiful and civilized.
  3. Rosé is not the same as the cheap white Zinfandels, blushes, and other pinks you drank in college/high school.
  4. Rosé is not made from any one grape varietal.
    It's generally made by bleeding red grapes or cutting short red juice's skin contact. Because the juice doesn't extract tannin, color, and flavor from the skins, the resulting wine is not as dark or full-bodied.
  5. Wineries make rosé in different ways and in different blends.
    Sometimes they're perfectly dry (no residual sugar) and sometimes they're somewhat sweet. Sometimes they're styled like a light red, sometimes they're blends of red and white varietals.
  6. Brut rosés or prosecco rosés are amazing.
    I find they have some of the fruitiness of a red with the crisp freshness of a sparkling wine.
  7. Rosé should be served chilled.
  8. Rosés are a particularly great summer evening wine.
  9. If you're interested in getting into rosé, I recommend asking a server or somm to choose a dry, fruity wine. You can branch out and try wines that are closer to red wines, closer to whites, etc.
  10. Rose is gangster.
    If you ask for a dry rose it tells me that there is a 99% chance that you have been around the (wine) block.
    Suggested by @lucas