1. Believing people can change
    People can change, but it's exceptional. Flakes are flakes. Addicts are addicts. People who let you down are usually gonna keep letting you down.
  2. Cutting my hair short
    This has NEVER been a good idea. No bobs, lobs, and/or pixies.
  3. Trying to read Anna Karenina
    Not that it isn't beautifully written. It's just that I know she kills herself and I haven't been able to push through
    We've all been there
  5. Juice cleanses
    🚫liquified celery🚫
  6. Woody Allen movies
    Ugh. There are just too many movies about men who believe they deserve perfect women.
  7. Super burritos
    I just can't eat a whole one. That's man's work.