In no particular order, focused on plays that make me stand up and holler, and limited to current players. With only mild Broncos bias I promise.
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    Calvin Johnson
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    There are a ton of really great wide receivers in the game right now, but Megatron is just unmatched in big play situations. So hard to defend (unless you're Aqib Talib 🔥).
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    Aaron Rodgers
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    He just gets it done. He comes back game after game and performs at a reliably elite level, usually, without inconsistency or drama. He's a beast.
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    Emmanuel Sanders
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    I think he wins for playing the game with excellence and joy. He is always smiling and positive and working hard. Full of good cheer.
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    Von Miller
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    Not sure what's better - his Key and Peele inspired sack dances or his post game outfits. He's the best.
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    Marshawn Lynch
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    Human wrecking ball. I too am all about that action, boss.
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    Jamaal Charles
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    So heartbroken that he's out for the 2015 season. Dude is fast, powerful, dominant and unpredictable. Also if you haven't seen this video of him CATCHING HIS OWN LONG PASS you should watch it:
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    Demarco Murray
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    Big run football, baby. He's just brutal and uses so much power and speed to bust defenses wide open. Also he plays for Philly now.
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    Andy Dalton
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    Super cool to see a non-traditionally-elite QB leading his team and turning out awesome performances week after week. Also love that his hair matches the uniform orange.
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    Aqib Talib
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    Dude is a flipping interception factory. Don't try tricky screen passes and definitely no floaters. He will rip you apart.
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    Clay Matthews
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    He isn't as quick as he used to be. But he is still dominant and disruptive. Also I enjoy his sack celebrations.
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    Honorable Mention: Landry Jones
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    He's the third string quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Included here not because I've really seen him play a lot! But because when he won his first nfl game earlier this year, he got to participate in the post game press conference and answer questions. I've never seen someone so blissfully happy to be in a press conference. You can kind of tell by his shirt that he didn't plan to be on camera.