Amazon prime is like kind of my thing
  1. Popcorn maker, $19.99
    The only way to defeat my hunger is to overpower it with low cal snax
  2. Sit/stand convertible desk, $250
    With my sweet varidesk pro I stand at least 3 hours of my work day, which is hurtling me towards death a little more slowly. I first built myself a standing desk using an ikea lack table and that was pretty rad too.
  3. Foam roller $39
    So awesome for working out tight, bound-up muscles. Delicious
  4. Razor blades subscription, $10.99 every six months
    Now every six months a box of razor blades just shows up. When I'm out, there they are! Life hack.
  5. Jillian Michaels "Ripped in 30" videos on instant streaming, $9.99
    When I really don't have time or motivation to work out I let Jillian walk me through it.
  6. Juice cleanse, $99
    It's fresh pressed and then instantly frozen! Comes in a cooler. If you don't live in LA or NY this is your chance to do a lazy cleanse
  7. Other things I subscribe to
    Cheerios, Sleepytime tea, protein powder, various granola ingredients