1. Use your email filters
    Set up a shopping filter and send all your ecommerce email there. Open folder only when you need to shop for something. Similar with travel. Also unsubscribe to at least one email list a week. Or a day.
  2. Know what time of day you're good at what
    I hate hate hate meetings in the afternoon. I try to reserve lunch and after for continuous uninterrupted work. Sometimes I make fake appts on my calendar to protect this time
  3. Plan your meals
    And order or get all your groceries all at once for the week. I do meal "uniforms" - dinner is one whole grain, one veggie dish, and one protein, so it's easy-ish to mix and match just like outfit separates. I also make a ton of food on Sundays that we can eat all week.
  4. Schedule your social
    If you are in public life, trying to network, or build a brand, schedule some "background" social content to your primary channels. I use buffer personally and also Edgar professionally. Background meaning evergreen stuff that's not time- or context-specific. That way you're always putting stuff out there, even when you don't have day to day opportunities. If there's a tragedy, make sure to pause your scheduled content.
  5. Take a staycation day to take care of boring shit
    I try to take a day once a quarter or so to do errands that only can be done 9-5. Doctor's appointments, banking, car stuff, haircuts, all the other stuff that just SITS on your to do list. Somehow knocking out in a day feels better than doing it in drips and drabs. Then at the end of the day reward yourself with something awesome.