1. Get taller
    I grew about 3/4 inch after a year of doing Pilates 2-3 days a week.
  2. Better balance and stability
    Improving core strength keeps you on your feet in wobbly situations such as walking on icy sidewalks
  3. Pelvic floor strength
    Prevents incontinence in pregnancy and old age
  4. Leg alignment = reduced knee problems
    I originally got into Pilates to deal with patella-femoral syndrome as a result of running. It helps improve alignment and reduce risk of chronic injury
  5. Flexibility
    Pilates is great for folks with limited flexibility who want to expand range slowly and carefully. Stretching feels GREAT.
  6. Back pain
    Tons of folks have terrible posture and movement patterns, which contribute to back and neck pain. Pilates will help you develop strength in weak muscles and flexibility in tight ones.