1. Olive bar, at least ten choices
  2. Rosé display, in summer
  3. Cheese counter, with tasting opportunities
  4. In house bakery, aged sourdough starter
  5. Salad bar that includes at least five lettuce options, some kind of prepared kale salad, and four kinds of cheese crumbles
  6. Craft beer selection organized either by country of origin, flavor profile, or both
  7. An entire aisle for water
  8. Hot bar that has a grain you've never eaten in your life
  9. An absolutely stunning selection of tiny succulents that make you feel sure you'll make that terrarium you've been planning
  10. A cookbook selection that makes you feel anxious and cold sweaty
  11. A juice bar where you struggle with knowing that juice is actually not that great for you while still believing it'll replace your next meal