This is Porter. He's six. He belongs to me and my partner Ty.
  1. He's tall, dark, and handsome
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    90 pounds of fluff and brawn. He doesn't start fights at the dog park but he fucking wins them.
  2. He was a pretty fucking cute puppy
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    When we adopted him, he was an emaciated 8 pounds
  3. He's Alaskan
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    We got him when we lived in AK. He's still in better shape than I am
  4. Sometimes he sleeps like this
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    Paws up!
  5. And sometimes he sleeps like this
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    Heyyyy ladies
  6. His best friend is my brother @lucas' goldendoodle, Ennis.
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    They're pretty manly.
  7. But sometimes they spoon.
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    I promised not to tell.
  8. He loves dairy products
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  9. And also Mexican food
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    "Dude. Give me some of your burrito."
  10. And I love him.
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    More than I can possibly explain.