This is Porter. He's six. He belongs to me and my partner Ty.
  1. He's tall, dark, and handsome
    90 pounds of fluff and brawn. He doesn't start fights at the dog park but he fucking wins them.
  2. He was a pretty fucking cute puppy
    When we adopted him, he was an emaciated 8 pounds
  3. He's Alaskan
    We got him when we lived in AK. He's still in better shape than I am
  4. Sometimes he sleeps like this
    Paws up!
  5. And sometimes he sleeps like this
    Heyyyy ladies
  6. His best friend is my brother @lucas' goldendoodle, Ennis.
    They're pretty manly.
  7. But sometimes they spoon.
    I promised not to tell.
  8. He loves dairy products
  9. And also Mexican food
    "Dude. Give me some of your burrito."
  10. And I love him.
    More than I can possibly explain.