1. "Yes, state of California, I will use my tax refund to make a donation for wildlife"
    No I won't
  2. Unsubscribing from newsletters
    1) less likely to buy stuff I don't need 2) improved email productivity
  3. Recycling
    Especially when it's hard, like if you have to rinse out your salsa container or Google if your area recycles soy milk cartons
  4. Buying organic dairy
    Hoping that cow's life is just one jot brighter from my shopping choices
  5. Bringing grocery bags
    You're an animal if you let them give you plastic
  6. Searching existing lists before making a new open list on The List App
    Can't be a List App spammer no ma'am
  7. Contemplating donating to my high school/college
    Haven't made those donations yet tho