Healdsburg is only 1.5 hours north of SF. And you LA folks can fly Alaska Air from LAX to Santa Rosa (central Sonoma County) and rent a car or get a driver from there. No über.
  1. Eat breakfast at Downtown Bakery or Costeaux
    These are two awesome bakeries in Healdsburg. We don't have awesome full, sit-down brunch spots - but get your croissant, simple omelette, or bagels here. ☕️☕️
  2. Eat lunch
    Get sandwiches at Shelton's in Healdsburg, burritos at Taqueria Guadelajara, or supplies for a picnic at Big John's grocery. You can picnic at tons of wineries - Armida has a great spot.
  3. Eat dinner
    So many great options, but my favorites are Campo Fina, BarnDiva, and Willi's Wine Bar in Healdsburg. Or Diavola or Catelli's in Geyserville.
  4. Hike, whale watch, and sight see at Bodega Bay
    So gorgeous. Bodega is about an hour's drive from Healdsburg, but it's so worth it. The whole Sonoma coast is delightful.
  5. Wine tasting and buying, obvi
    Wineries: Meeker (duh), Ridge, Dutcher Crossing, Mauritson, Preston, J Wine Company (especially good if you like bubbles like I do!). Call ahead if you can and book private tastings and/or tours with the folks who offer it.
  6. Have a beer at Russian River Brewing Company
    They're super famous for Pliny, an IPA, but I prefer their sour beers - particularly Supplication (order a "supp") and Consecration.
  7. Yoga
    Yoga on Center in Healdsburg is amazing. Try the 9 am Saturday or Sunday classes.
  8. Shop
    Try Mill Creek Antiques for AWESOME digging-through-piles-of-stuff. I also like Copperfields Books on the square in Healdsburg.
  9. Hike
    Try Armstrong Redwoods State Park! Or Lake Sonoma Half a Canoe trail if you've got your dog. Annadel park in Santa Rosa has good hiking and mountain biking options also.
  10. Take a class
    Check out the options at Relish Culinary School.
  11. Chalkboard in Healdsburg
    Suggested by @amybsherman
  12. Hang out at the pool at Sonoma Mission Inn
    Suggested by @amybsherman
  13. THE SHED (healdsburg)
    one stop shop for food, food shopping, larder perusal, to go sammies w dutch crunch bread, all the enamelware and weck jars et al you could ever want, and a kombucha bar
    Suggested by @white_lightning
  14. The pool at Coppola winery
    @amybsherman reminded me!
  15. Float/fish/canoe the Russian River
    Suggested by @lucas
  16. Don't be the idiot who rents a bike to ride around wine country.
    The roads are all 50 mph and that sundress won't look cute once you have mad pit stains.
    Suggested by @lucas