By request of @lucas @aringrose et al, with reference to my previous list, "SNAKES I MET AS A PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER"
  1. Rebar
    My next door neighbors kept a piece of rebar around that they seemed to use expressly for beating snakes to death. They rescued me twice.
  2. Wooden club
    A volunteer couple stationed near me had a serious snake problem. The husband actually sanded himself a wooden club that he kept tucked into their straw roof for instant access.
  3. Ordinary stick
    I saw a mamba scooting around my garden one time and some young girls all gleefully picked up sticks and team-smacked it to death.
  4. Flip flop
    Another PCV, Reneen, found a "baby red snake" in her storage hut and was "worried it would get away" so she BEAT IT TO DEATH WITH HER FLIP FLOP.
  5. Daba
    In Bambara a "Daba" is a handheld gardening hoe. Handy for beheading snakes if they're not on the move. I only ever used my daba for scorpion slaying. I left snakes to the grown ups
  6. A tree
    When I was a kid I picked up a garter snake by the tail end and hit it against (wrapped it around) a tree. Not proud of it.
    Suggested by @ChrisK