1. @crb has remarkable hamstring flexibility
    She does these rock star leg kicks and her leg comes really quite high
  2. It was a remarkably genteel crowd
    I did not see/smell drugs, there were kids asleep on momma's shoulder, and most folks remained politely seated though the entire show
  3. I am glad/sad my boyfriend wouldn't let me wear my Sleater-Kinney Planned Parenthood tshirt
    Apparently it is "not cool to wear band shirts to their show"
  4. Janet Weiss has a cowbell?!??
    YESSSSSS cowbell
  5. Janet Weiss is a monster on the harmonica?!
    This was unknown to me
  6. Pretty sure Corin Tucker is the barbaric yawp of our generation
  7. I love seeing girls make so much noise
  8. "Scrambled eggs/for little legs" is such a tender lyric
    It's such a cool thing to see a punk talk about being a mom