I work for a fully distributed tech company. We have 100+ employees and no office.
  1. Pants
    The obvious. I can wear them, or not. Usually they're of the yoga variety. 👖
  2. Culture
    Sometimes it's harder to read emotional and interpersonal signals when you're communicating via slack/gchat. But I also enjoy the low intensity constant conversation that doesn't always rise to the level of a personal interruption.
  3. Productivity
    I am uber productive working from home. It helps that we also have a flexible schedule. I workout in the middle of the day. I move around the house throughout the day depending on my mood. I can figure out the right setting, the right background noise, the right task for what I'm feeling. With all these variables under my control I don't find it hard to stay on-task. It probably helps that I like what I do.
  4. Loneliness
    I'm an extrovert and so this is a challenge. It helps to be chatting with my coworkers, since we're all in the same situation. I also work from coffee shops or from my family winery office a couple of afternoons a week so I can get group energy. A few other of my strategies/suggestions for folks who find this challenging: get into group workouts, check out co-working spaces, and befriend regulars at your coffee shop of choice. That way someone will watch your stuff when you have to pee.
  5. Growth/professional development
    I find that you have to try harder to "listen in" or volunteer for the projects that become learning and growth opportunities. It helps to be assertive and direct about the kinds of projects and activities you'd like to get involved in.