1. Appreciate ideas for restaurants, pubs, activities, anything
  2. Cobblestone Pub
    I asked around. This is the best place that has traditional Irish music, most nights if not every night. Local musicians sit in with each other. Whoever shows up starts playing. It was fantastic.
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  3. Kenny's bookstore
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  4. Killarney National Park
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  5. Drink as much Murphy's and Guinness on tap
    Because it's delicious.
    Suggested by @rachel
  6. Vintage Cocktail Club (Dublin)
    Amazing speakeasy/secret bar with incredible food and an endless cocktail list.
    Suggested by @sarah
  7. Cliffs of Moher
    Stunning views and you should definitely do the boat tour to see them from a different angle. 😎
    Suggested by @madeline
  8. Chester Beatty Library (Dublin)
    It's inside the grounds of Dublin Castle and was the #1 museum in Europe one year on Lonely Planet's list. Plus, the best Middle Eastern food restaurant is inside (Silk Road Cafe) and it's one of the best plates of food I've ever had.
    Suggested by @sarah
  9. Trinity College Dublin
    One of the most beautiful campuses in the world and the library is incredible. Worth the tour and is v central in Dublin
    Suggested by @sarah
  10. O'Donoghues (Pub)
    Spelling may not be quite right but this is place is classic Irish, and a place where the locals go. Usually live music will be playing and half the pub will be singing along.
    Suggested by @sarah
  11. Cliff Walk from Bray to Greystones
    This is just outside Dublin and is a cheap train ride to and from the city centre. It's one of the loveliest walks I've been on and it's not too challenging of a path (it's about a two hour walk but not at all strenuous, just lengthy). You start in a seaside beach town and end in another and it's adorable. This walk cured serious heartbreak for me and I think it's magical.
    Suggested by @sarah
  12. Saba Dublin
    Weird choice for food in Ireland but this Thai/Vietnamese restaurant is fucking incredible. Beef Salad (obv not what it says on the menu verbatim, but it's something like this) is my favourite plate of food I've ever consumed. Right off Grafton Street, v central.
    Suggested by @sarah