1. Reading material, pen, notebook
    iPad/kindle and at least one thing that doesn't require a charger
  2. Laptop/iPad
    With chargers, natch
  3. Snacks & water bottle
    Almond butter packets, tea, protein bars
  4. Hand sanitizer & emergen-c
    I like the hand sanitizer wipes so I can wipe down my seat, tray, armrests etc
  5. Headphones, eyeshade, neck pillow
    To pretend the world is not there
  6. 1 workout outfit
    For doing yoga in hotel room or going for a run
  7. Toiletries & makeup
    Always a good excuse to toss my latest birchbox stuff in a bag. Remember extra moisturizer & cream! Travel is drying.
  8. Coat/scarf/hat
  9. 3 tops
  10. One dress
  11. One cardigan/sweater
  12. 3 bottoms
    Including jeans. Make sure they mix & match with the tops!
  13. 1 pair flats, 1 pair heels, flip flops for bumming around
  14. Socks & undies
  15. Jewelry & sunglasses
    Great time for statement stuff since your outfits might have repeated pieces
  16. Bottle opener/corkscrew
    Sometimes hotel rooms don't have them :(