I moved to Bozeman a few weeks ago.
  1. Mountains
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    I see this out my window.
  2. Frontier
    I grew up going fishing with my family in Ennis, Montana in the summertime. I got used to feeling like there were wide open spaces waiting for me. Also I like bison.
  3. Bears, wolves, foxes, moose, etc
    I love them, and I want them to thrive.
  4. Dinosaurs
    Yep this really isn't a big deal but there are lots of Dino digs in Montana and I just find this charming and kind of cool.
  5. No traffic
  6. Flights to Alaska are just too expensive
  7. Few people
    I've lived in California most of my life, and it sure is great. But in the last five years the environment has started to feel a little oppressive. Like you're competing for space and access and a place in the big bad world.
  8. Space
    All I really want to do is be outside.